Early Childhood: 0-6

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Our Playlist

We've curated a playlist especially for the little ones, featuring a range of works which are exciting, calm, old, new, and more!


Ethan and Val are ready to play Mozart's Alla Turca, But Timmy, Febe and Heidi want to join the show. Luckily, Sammy is there to keep order.

"Ring Around the Planet": Saturn played music too fast, and one of its rings fell off! The team find and return it.

"I Love to Conduct": A bald eagle mistakenly takes Leo's baton for a regular stick and the team must retrieve it.

Melody imagines she's a jungle explorer who has found a baby elephant playing in the mud.

With a press of a button, a boy tired of practicing the piano is swept away to a world of places & feelings through classical music and finds fresh inspiration!

At 12 months, babies can identify specific sounds, and they're also starting to match the sounds they hear with the objects that make them!

Clary, the clarinet is a real chatterbox - he never listens to anyone! Will he learn not to interrupt?

Sing and sign your way to a musical ear with the Curwen (Solfege) hand signs!

Do you know how the smooth-backed camel who said nothing but "Humph!" got its hump?


Listen to classic stories with a classical twist with YourClassical Kids Storytime!

Learn about the stories behind the great ballets, resized for little ears by Itty Bitty Ballets! 

Performances To Watch

In this puppet-show opera for kids, four friends fail to catch a beautiful birdy. The littlest of them knows that a bit of kindness can go a long way. 

Featuring works by Beethoven, this exciting musical journey exposes infants to classical music while presenting them wtih vibrant, baby-friendly images.

Prokofiev wrote the music and the narration for Peter and the Wolf in 1936 for the Moscow Children’s Theatre. Matthew Hart’s ballet version was created for students at The Royal Ballet School in 1995. 

Join Tara the Tugboat for an adventure featuring pirates, mermaids and songs to sing along to! Perfect for young children, the concert features Makaton songs and subtitles.

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Other Stuff

This multimedia story merges read-aloud narration, lightly animated illustration and music — a format signature to Madeleine Editions books. The story confronts the "monster" of COVID-19 in an empowering way.

Verbier Festival Kids took part in a week of creative workshops focused on Camille Saint-Saëns’ The Carnival of the Animals.To conclude the week, the children were invited to a live performance of this classic work, set to a film featuring their drawings.