Who is Sound Garden for?

Anyone with an interest in classical music! Maybe you heard a classical music work on TV/a game/a movie/etc. and liked it, maybe you've learned an instrument, maybe you've even been to a performance! We're here to help you along on your learning and listening journey, no matter your age or level of experience.

What does Sound Garden offer?

Sound Garden offers online resources, products, courses, and other content. We are planning on introducing physical products and workshops in the future.

What sets Sound Garden apart?

Sound Garden is designed to be a hub for classical music learning, with content inspired by arts and education philosophies. There is no expectation to learn an instrument, learn to read music, or learn about Schenkerian analysis - though we certainly do not discourage those things! We're not an outreach programme, and we're not a classroom. We love to team up with other organisations and professionals, though, so if this is you, please reach out! 

I'm a(n) [insert job title/family role/etc. here] with a content idea/request.

Great! We can work with you to create content specifically for you/your organisation, or use your idea (credited, of course!) to develop available-for-all freebies/paid products under the Sound Garden umbrella.

Send us an email and let us know your idea/need, and we'll send you information and a pricing quote (where relevant) about how we can help.