About The Music/Visualise It Worksheet

Fill in the information about the composer and the piece of your choice. Create a visual representation of the music - whatever that means to you! 


Get Started With Classical Music: Part I

This introduction to composers and works from the different eras of classical music history will give you a starting point as you begin or continue your listening journey.

Get Started With Classical Music: Part II

Which genres/subgenres of classical music do you prefer? We've listed some common ones, and created a Listening List with a selection of works in different styles for you to listen to!

Get Started With Classical Music: Part III

What elements make up music, and how do composers use them to create different effects? Find out in Part III of our Get Started With Classical Music series!

Listening Prompts: Adults

This journal-like activity will help you to reflect on the music you are hearing. Includes a listening list with a range of works for you to choose from.

Follow The Music

A follow-the-musical-contour activity. Get familiar with music and its construction by putting pen to paper!

Listening Prompts: 6-12

Just like the Listening Prompts for adults, but tailored to kids, with some fun activities to get 6-12 year olds engaging with classical (or any!) music.

Printable Staves

Black and white + multi-colour bold staves. Great for music theory lessons and games.

Classical composer study

Fill in the boxes with the relevant information about a composer of your choice. Includes a list of composers to choose from.

Classical Christmas Countdown

Advent Calendar

Download our 2020 Classical Christmas Countdown, featuring 24 festive classical music works for all ages and an activity for children!

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