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Updated: May 10

Illustration of a medieval troubadour

Want to learn about classical music? Don't know where to start? We have the course for you!

Our "Introduction to Classical Music" course is for you if you:

  • Are interested in music

  • Are interested in history

  • Are interested in culture

  • Are simply curious!

We have so far released "Part I: Early Music (476-1600 AD)", with Part II due for release in 2021.

About Part I:

"Early music" contributed to the development of classical music as we know it today. From monophony to polyphony, from motets to madrigals, you'll finish this course with plenty of knowledge about the history of Medieval and Renaissance Europe and the music that developed from this context. You will also have much more music to add to your playlists!

Here are some of the responses we have been getting so far:

  • "I loved so much of the course!"

  • "Easy to read and understand"

  • "I loved the music examples...many types of music and history from different cultures"

  • "I felt like I’d learned lots and felt good about what I’d learned"

The course content is comprised of reading materials (with plenty of pictures!) and musical examples. At a later date we may add in video/audio elements, as we know many people may benefit from this. Good news: Purchasing this course gives you lifetime access, so you can come back at any time and see any changes we have made!

How long does this course take to complete? Well, that all depends! We recommend an optimum timeline of one to two weeks to really reap the benefits, completing 1-2 lessons per day and taking time to explore and listen to more music beyond what is included in this course. Of course, it is entirely up to you! You could complete it in a day, a month, a year...

Here's a wee taster of early music:

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