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Cover page of Composer Activity Guide: Franz Liszt. Illustration of Franz Liszt with title text.

Composer Activity Guides

Our Composer Activity Guide series is designed for parents and carers of children aged 0-6. You and your child will be immersed in the composer's world through words, music, and a choice of two stages of activities!

FOR AGES 6-12:

Front cover of Classical Inspirations: Amy Beach. Illustration of Amy Beach with title text.

Classical Inspirations

Our Classical Inspirations product series is designed to introduce children to classical music figures - connecting the past to the present, integrating different topics of learning, and offering an opportunity for immersion in another world!


Cover page for "Classical Sessions for...Calm". Watercolour background with title information.

Classical Sessions

The Classical Sessions product series is designed to help you to integrate classical music into your daily life as you learn about and engage with the topic and carefully selected musical works to accompany you!


Illustration of medieval musician.

Introduction to Classical Music:

Part I: Early Music (476-1600 AD)

We are developing a range of online courses, covering classical music history and other topics!

Suitable for teens and adults.


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Visualise It Worksheet/

We regularly upload new, free downloadable content for all ages, from worksheets to complete Get Started With Classical Music guides!

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