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2022 At Sound Garden

The blog has been a little quiet so far this year... for good reason!

Now that we have been in business for a full year, we've learned a lot about what resonates, what doesn't, and have a clearer idea of what is needed most. Our main focus this year is on products and resources for children, particularly within the home school/home education/small group learning communities. With many families having (unexpectedly) experienced the benefits of home/small group learning over the past two years, we've had a lot of interest for more content for this context. However, our mission ultimately is to be a hub for ALL demographics to find classical music learning resources, so there will be more to come for adults and teens in the future, too!

With this 2022 mission comes plenty of work to meet the needs of our focus group. Behind the scenes, work is in progress for our next product: a learning curriculum for under-6s. More info to come closer to the launch date!

Interested in knowing more?

While you wait for the next product launch, head to the shop page: see what we currently offer, and make classical music a part of your daily life!


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