Classical Inspirations: Amy Beach (ages 6-12)

Announcing: Classical Inspirations - Amy Beach!

Classical Inspirations is a series designed to introduce children to classical music figures - connecting the past to the present, integrating different topics of learning, and offering an opportunity for immersion in another world!

Our first product of the series centres around American composer Amy Beach. Through reading, listening, and completing a range of activities, your child will learn about the composer's life, about the context in which she lived and composed, and about some of her works. The content is designed to be used by independent readers, or with adult assistance. We hope this product will grow with you and your child!

Here's some of the feedback we've been getting so far:

  • "Really great!"

  • "Really interesting!"

  • "Wonderful - the first of its kind that we've experienced and we do a lot of online learning programs!"

  • "We really enjoyed the music and activities!"

This product is currently available as a digital download. How it works:

  1. Purchase the product.

  2. You will receive a link to download.

  3. Print and go!

  4. Return to this blog post to listen to the musical excerpts.

Ready to buy? Visit the shop!

Bought the product, or just want to listen to some of Amy Beach's music? Here are all the featured works!

Three Piano Pieces, Op. 128

  • I. Scherzino: A Peterboro Chipmunk

  • II. Young Birches

  • III. A Humming-bird

Children's Album, Op. 36

  • I. Minuet

  • II. Gavotte

  • III. Waltz

  • IV. March

  • V. Polka

Four Sketches, Op. 15

  • I. In Autumn

  • II. Phantoms

  • III. Dreaming

  • IV. Fire-flies

Three Browning Songs, Op. 44

  • I. The Year's At The Spring

  • II. Ah, love, but a day

  • III. I send my heart up to thee

Symphony in E Minor, Op. 32 ("Gaelic Symphony")

  • I. Allegro con fuoco

  • II. Alla siciliana - Allegro vivace

  • III. Lento con molto espressione

  • IV. Allegro di molto

Further Listening

Listen to more of Amy's works and the works that inspired her!

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