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Get intentional with classical music!

Updated: May 9, 2023

Classical Sessions for...Intentions. Printable workbook.

Just in time for Christmas and the end of 2020 (I'm sure this year has already had more than 366 days!) comes our new product: Classical Sessions for...Intentions!

We're passionate about helping you integrate classical music into your life, and we also believe that classical music can be a great tool for learning about other things. For this reason, we have created Classical Sessions, where you will learn about a specific topic (in this case, setting intentions and living intentionally) and about carefully selected classical music works.

So, what is this topic all about? Setting an intention means that you are actively choosing to do something a certain way. It is not the same as a goal, which has a concrete outcome. An intention is the journey, and a goal is the destination. Living intentionally means that you live in a way which aligns with the intentions you have set for yourself. Examples of intentions: committing to listening to your body and its needs, choosing to actively make new friendships and grow healthy relationships, pursuing a life full of love/peace/harmony/etc. By setting and living out intentions, you are following a path towards welcoming in the things you want to see in your life.

The Classical Sessions workbook is comprised of ten "sessions" - you choose the duration of focused time you will spend on each one. For each session, you will find:

  • information about the topic and about the accompanying classical music work.

  • prompts/questions/activities to work through.

On the "About" page of the product, you will find a link to sign up to a 10-week email reminder series as well as a link back to this post. On the "Extend" page, you will find recommendations on how you can further explore and extend your sessions. Also included are a set of templates to use as you continue on your journey.

Here's some of the feedback we've been getting so far:

  • "I wasn't expecting [the musical listening] to fit as well as it did to be honest but it did really seem to help!"

  • "Informative and creative"

  • "Well researched and well articulated"

  • "I think its a great product - well researched and beautifully presented"

This product is currently available as a digital download. How it works:

  1. Purchase the product.

  2. You will receive a link to download.

  3. Print and go!

  4. Return to this blog post to listen to the musical excerpts.

Ready to buy?



Bought the workbook, or just want to listen to the works? Here is our playlist with all of the featured works (note that we have included the complete works in most cases - giving you the option of listening to the works in their entirety or just excerpts/movements/sections):

We would love to hear your stories and see your pictures of our workbook in action!

Ready to purchase? Buy it here!

Let's get intentional!


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