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100 Classical Composer Profile Templates

Updated: May 8, 2023

Get to know composers - their lives and works - with our pack of 100 classical composer profile templates: Listen and learn as you fill them out!

Perfect for:

What you get:

  • 89 templates with pre-filled composer names.

  • 1 template for you to fill out with the name of any composer not included in this pack.

  • 10 templates for you to fill out with the names of living composers (see our Living Composers features on our blog for some ideas!).

You can print out each template as needed, or all at once. Punch holes to place in a binder, or stick them on a suitable surface...or maybe you have better ideas than us (tag us on social media @soundgardenclassical or contact us)!

Each template includes spaces for you to fill out:

  • Picture box - paste on/design/draw a picture of the composer!

  • Year of birth - ...and death where applicable.

  • Country of birth - may not have been known as the country it is now!

  • Famous for... - what each composer is known for.

  • 3 facts - what interesting facts can you find out?

  • 3 compositions - let's get listening!

Ready to buy?

Scroll down for some listening ideas...!



Bought the templates, or just want to listen to some music? Here's a playlist with works by some of the included composers!


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