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Do you want to know the TRUTH about classical music?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

We've collected some common misconceptions, and addressed them in this post!


"Classical music is old-fashioned"

The truth: Classical music has a long heritage.

Many works from years gone by are still frequently performed and recorded today, as listeners still appreciate the aesthetic qualities, the workmanship, and the unique historical insight they offer.

Like all living art forms, there is also a constant outpouring of new works, sounds, composers, performers, practises, name it! Emerging talents continue to add their voices to the classical music industry, championing its heritage, and challenging the "status quo".


"Classical music is boring"

The truth: That all depends on what you personally find interesting!

Is it the music itself which is boring, or how it is presented? Do some works catch your attention more than others? How do your real-life experiences of classical music compare to the stereotypes?

When you find something you like, think about what it is that grabs your attention!


"Classical music is only for the wealthy"

The truth: Some experiences can be expensive.

  • Learning an instrument isn't cheap.

  • Studying music at tertiary level isn't cheap.

  • Auditioning isn't cheap.

  • Live performance ticket prices can vary substantially.

  • Music professionals must be fairly compensated, so there is always a cost involved. It is just a matter of who is paying.


  • There is plenty of music available online for free or at a low cost.

  • There are often cheap tickets available (concession prices, flash sales, etc.) to attend live concerts. Smaller concerts (local choirs and orchestras, recitals) are generally very reasonably priced.

  • Instrumental teachers often offer a free/discounted first lesson.

  • There are often scholarships available for study.

  • Many organisations and individuals have developed free or low-cost community projects and outreaches.

  • Businesses such as Sound Garden are here to help promote access!


"Classical music is too intellectual"

The truth: Absolutely FALSE!

There are many studies which show that babies and young children can easily engage with classical music. Early learning does offer some advantages, but you can start learning and listening at any age.

Required intellectual ability:

  • Some classical music works can be appreciated immediately by the general public, based on sounds, melodies, rhythms, etc. that our minds consider to be aesthetically pleasing - no deeper knowledge required.

  • (This is where we come in): Some works may be more difficult to appreciate, due to factors such as:

    • Language - Language may be spoken/sung, or this may refer to the music - the structure of the work and how it sounds.

    • The history/context - we don't all know ancient Greek legends or the political situation which influenced a particular work!

Sound Garden is here to fill in those gaps or point you in the right direction.

Some works just may not resonate with you - that's absolutely normal. Every listener has their preferences!


"Classical music is elitist"

The word "elitist" means: "organized for the good of a few people who have special interests or abilities" (Cambridge Dictionary).

The classical music industry has been and can still be, at times, elitist.

Classical music as a genre has, at different times and contexts, been available for both the general population and the upper classes. Often it was the popular music of their time.

As concerts became more lavish and expensive to create, some forms of classical music (looking at you, opera!) became accessible only to the wealthy and well-connected.

Nowadays, classical music comes in many forms, sizes, and budgets, and there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to access and engage.

Here is the truth (TLDR):

Classical music itself is not elitist.

Music is not constrained by finances, prejudices, or anything else. It does not care if you are human, plant, object, abstraction. It either exists for all or does not exist at all. All it needs is someone to listen!


"Classical music isn't for me"

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

There is only one way to find out...

Start listening!


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