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Living Composer: Christian Dachez

Updated: May 9, 2023

2Our Living Composer for January 2021 is Christian Dachez - a multi-genre French composer who writes for a diverse range of settings and instrumental groupings.

Composer Christian Dachez

Christian studied at the CRR de Lille, and learned trombone and conducting. He was trained in the use of UPIC composing technology (a computerised musical composition tool, devised by the composer Iannis Xenakis). This, along with the study of Ligeti's "Requiem", heavily influenced the contemporary direction his compositions would take.

Christian is fascinated by the "note", believing that many things can be found in restricted areas of sound space. He considers that any work is born from the mutation of pre-existing elements of sound material. He is inspired by all forms of art - painting, literature, and poetry in particular. Many of his works are built around a text (whether explicitly or otherwise), and carry elements of voyages, spiritual quests, and self-interrogation.

Composer Christian Dachez

He collaborates with many organisations, performers, and other artists, and his commissioned works have been performed many times. He has worked extensively in music for film and television, including the 1978 film "Destin" for the Festival fantastique de Paris.

Find out more about Christian on his site (in French):


Christian's compositions:

  • Laudes III

  • Appel manqué

  • Sub Urbe


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Christian's top 5 classical music picks:

  • Bach: Cello Suite No. 1 in G major

  • Ligeti: Chamber Concerto

  • Mozart: Symphony No. 41 ("Jupiter Symphony")

  • Monteverdi: Madrigals (this performance is of Book 1 of Monteverdi's madrigals (a type of song))

  • Fauré: Requiem


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